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James S wrote on March 06, 2014
Three years ago my daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Although we are fully covered by insurance, her medical bills skyrocketed to over 2 million dollars. She was able to receive a revolutionary surgery that cured her disease, yet she will have to take a very expensive pills before each meal for the rest of her life. Without the ACA, my daughter would have reached her lifetime limits by the age of 11. No insurance company would have covered her with this preexisting condition. I am very thankful she will be able to have health care coverage in the future.
AD Perkinson wrote on March 06, 2014
I work full time but I only make $8.75 per hour. I am not able to afford healthcare through my job. As a divorced mom, the majority of my pay goes towards daycare. I am also college student. My parents were able to add me to their insurance so now I am fully covered for the next 2 years. That takes a load of my shoulders.
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